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Certificare: fără certificare
Durată aproximativă: ritm propriu
Instituție organizatoare: Internet Polyglot
Autori de curs: Internet Polyglot community
Organizare: tutorial online
Limba: engleză

Temele cursului: Animals, Money, Shopping, Human characteristics, House, Furniture, Household Objects, Buildings, Organizations, Climate, Entertainment, Art, Music, Education, Family, Geography: Countries, Cities..., Clothing, Food, Restaurant, Kitchen, Car, Measures, Measurements, Materials, Substances, Objects, Tools, Work, Business, Office, Nature, Numbers, People: relatives, friends, enemies..., City, Streets, Transportation, Parts of the human body, Plants, Profession, Greetings, Requests, Welcomes, Farewells, Health, Medicine, Hygiene, Feelings, Senses, Sports, Games, Interest, Football, Life etc.


Here you will find free online courses and tutorials to learn Romanian online. English-Romanian, French-Romanian, Spanish-Romanian, Chinese-Romanian, Japanese-Romanian etc. Lessons accessible to you: public courses created by other members, lessons shared with you directly, and the lessons you have created yourself. Besides, it can be a good idea to play with online Romanian lessons. To play a free online English – Romanian language game, select one or more checkboxes next to lesson names, select the type of game and press the Play button.


Observații: Internet Polyglot platform offers online courses English-Romanian, French-Romanian, Spanish-Romanian, Chinese-Romanian, Japanese-Romanian. Basically, you can learn Romanian with interface in any language.
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