Arabic (for beginners)

Preț: 300-499 lei
Durată aproximativă: 1-2 luni
Instituție organizatoare: WizIQ Education Online
Autori de curs: WizIQ Education Online
Organizare: curs online
Limba: engleză

Temele cursului: Pre entry class to discuss the student goal and test his ability. (free class/doesn’t include to the ten classes in this course) : 1 hour First topic (ex: The greeting and introducing main vocabularies or any topic that match to gain the student goal): 1 hour Second topic (ex: The greeting and introducing simple Arabic grammatical sentences or any topic that match to gain the student goal): 1 hour 3rd topic (ex: Proper pronunciation of some Arabic letters): 1 hour 4th topic (ex: Listening comprehension about greeting and introducing): 1 hour 5th topic (ex: Practice to talk in Arabic about greeting and introducing): 1 hour 6th topic (ex: Simple reading practice about greeting and introducing and learn Arabic typing): 1 hour 7th topic (ex: Simple dialogue about family): 1 hour 8th topic (ex: Main vocabularies about family): 1 hour 9th topic (ex: simple Arabic grammatical sentences about family): 1 hour 10th (ex:Proper pronunciation of some Arabic Listening comprehension about family): 1 hour Free class for review and further learning discussion: 1 hour


If you are looking to get started with learning Classical Arabic, this is the course for you. This is a beginners level course and includes:

  • Speaking Arabic practicals
  • Reading Arabic text
  • Proper pronunciation
  • Basic Arabic grammar
  • Focus to your Arabic learning goal

This course will guide you on your journey of learning Arabic. It will help you practice, talk and reach an intermediate level in your understanding of the language.


Observații: Course starts approx. every month.
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