Japanese (for beginners)

Preț: 101-299 lei
Durată aproximativă: 2-3 luni
Instituție organizatoare: WizIQ Education Online
Autori de curs: Yan Lee
Organizare: curs online
Limba: engleză

Temele cursului: Class 1: Alphabets (Part 1) Sound and vowels. Memorize the sound in a fast way. Class 2: Alphabets (Part 2) かka さsa たta lines (related vocabulary and greetings). Class 3:Alphabets (Part 3) なna はha まma lines (related vocabulary and greetings). Class 4: Alphabets (Part 4)やya らra わwa lines(related vocabulary and greetings). Class 5:Noun-ending sentences. (Basic sentence structures ) Class 6:Noun-ending sentences. (Basic Dialogue) Class 7: Noun-ending sentences. (Dialogue). Class 8: Adj-ending sentences. (Basic sentence structures) Class 9: Adj-ending sentences. (Basic Dialogue ) Class 10: Adj-ending sentences. (Dialogue ) Class 11: Verb-ending sentences. (Basic sentence structures )-intransitive verbs. Class 12: Verb-ending sentences. (Basic dialogue)-intransitive verbs. Class 13:Verb-ending sentences. (Dialogue)-intransitive verbs. Class 14:Verb-ending sentences. (Basic sentence structures )intransitive verbs. (with location particlesへe ) Class 15: Verb-ending sentences. (Dialogue) intransitive verbs. (with location particles へe) Class 16: Verb-ending sentences.--transitive verbs. (with object marker “をo”) (Basic sentence structures) Class 17: Verb-ending sentences.--transitive verbs. (with object marker “をo”) (Dialogue) Class 18: Special sentences pattern. -exist. (Basic sentence structures) Class 19: Special sentences pattern. -exist. (Dialogue) Class 20: Special sentences pattern --- desire, like and dislike. (with particle がga) (Basic sentence structures) Class 21: Special sentences pattern ---desire, like and dislike. (with particle がa) (Dialogue)


Being able to communicate with potential customers in their own language is key to winning their business. Nowhere is it more true than Japan! Japanese language is not just a tool to communicate with the Japanese speaking people but also get an understanding of who they are!


Observații: Language of Instruction: English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese. Course starts twice a year. Usualy, classes course are conducted in batches of 5 students.
Link direct: http://www.wiziq.com/course/2431-beginners-learn-japanese-now

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